Dr. Christopher Whitehead

General Information

Lab: O03.039
phone: +41 61 207 5938
Email: christopherbreck.whitehead@unibas.ch

Department of Chemistry
BPR 1096, Mattenstrasse 22
4058 Basel, Switzerland


Chris was born in 1992 in Portland, Oregon (USA). He earn his bachelor of arts in chemistry at Willamette University in 2014 under Prof. Karen McFarlane Holman and Prof. Chuck Williamson studying the mechanism of action for Ru-based antimetastatic pro-drugs. After a short period of working in industry, he began his PhD studies under the supervision of Prof. Richard Finke at Colorado State University. His doctoral studies centered on the elucidation of reliable minimum, disproof-based formation mechanisms for metal nanoparticles. He defended his PhD dissertation in November of 2020. As a postdoctoral researcher at the University of Basel, he is focused on synthesizing novel ceramic nanocrystals. In his free time, he loves to cook, bake, run, and swim.